My new home

Minas Gerais
Meu estado - Minas Gerais:

  • Short cut: MG
  • Capital: Belo Horizonte
  • Population: 19,2 million habitants (2th most people)
  • Area: 588.383,6 km²
  • Gouverneur: Aécio Neves 
  • Export articles: coffee
Capital of MG: Belo Horizonte

 Minha cidade - Varginha:

  • Population: 123,000 habitants
  • Area: 400km2
  • Foundation: 6th of October 1882
  • Football club: Boa EC

So what to tell about the city I’m going to live for about one year? When I tell Brazilians that I go to Varginha, they always say that aliens live there. There’s a story that in 1996 a UFO landed over there and because of this they’ve built the “Nave especial de Varginha”. This is a water tower in the form of a UFO.
Another fact is that Varginha is the 7th best city to live in Brazil. This was one of the things I read first and because of this I’m really happy about my host city.
My host city is also arranged in a great position, about 3½ hours away from the three of the biggest cities in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

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