28 Aug 2013

Meu primeiro jogo de futebol

Oi gente,

This entry will be a short one, but with lots of pictures.
As I told you in my last post, I watched the game Boa EC Varginha x Palmeiras live in the stadium last saturday.
It was great because my team (Boa of course!) won 1x0 even their much more Palmeiras fans.
This game was a special one for Varginha, because normally Boa doesen't play against big times like that.
In the half-time break I got a photo with the masscote and the president of Boa :)

So I don't want to say more, just look at the pictures:

The mascote of Boa & eu
The President of Boa & eu
My sister and I in front of the stadium
Have you ever seen something like this?
VITÓRIA! WIN! SIEG! Boa EC Varginha 1x0 Palmeiras
Exciting game :D
The moment before the goal
Celebration after the goal
The fans of Boa

Até logo, 


24 Aug 2013

Dia-a-Dia no Brasil

Boa noite,

Like I told you yesterday I’m going to talk about my everyday life in Brazil today.
Every day (from Monday to Friday) starts at 5.40 am when my host mum wakes my host sister and me up. Then we get ready and have breakfast within 30 minutes and leave the house.  My parents work as bus drivers so I pass through the city of Varginha every morning for about half an hour.
At almost 7 o’clock I arrive at school and go to my class room. Before the lesson starts I talk to my class mates or sometimes I just listen to their conversations and try to understand something.
My school day is usually really relaxed and when I don’t want to listen to the teacher I just do something else, for example: sleeping.
On a normal day I have 6 hours of school, just at Monday I have school in the afternoon too. And every Friday I have to do 5 tests.

After the end of school I have to wait half an hour for my host dad to pick some students, my sister and me up. While waiting I usually talking to friends, often to some from the “2* ano”.
When I arrive at home we have lunch: of course every day “feijão com arroz” (beans with rice) and something else.

In the afternoon I often do something with my host sister or my parents. Two times a week I go along to the extra English lesson of my sis in the evening. I really like this because the people there are really cool and I talk a lot with the teacher (in English or Portuguese). But it’s a bit difficult to speak another language at the moment because there’s so much Portuguese in my head.

So this is my everyday life here.
Now about today: I went to school like every day, but the first two hours we did nothing because some of my classmates practice for a project and some (like me) had nothing to do.
Then I had about 20 minutes of Biology until my dad picked me up and we went to the police because I needed an ID card. At the police station I meet two Italian exchange students from my committee.  
After we finished everything there one of the Italians and I went to the house of my contact person here in Varginha and had lunch there. We helped to prepare the lunch and later my sister also arrived and ate with us.

In the afternoon I had to do five tests (today: History, Chemistry, Portuguese, Sociology and Philosophy). I just did a part of Portuguese (the grammatical part) and Chemistry. But the second one was difficult for me because I didn’t have a calculator.
After my tests my dad took my sister, one of her friends and the Italian girl to my school and went to the center together.
There we met my host cousin and some girls from my class. We stayed there for a while and then we walked home.

At 8 o’clock my sister and I went to the house of another Italian exchange student because she made pizza for us. One of her friends from school, her host brother, one of his friends and two other Italian girls were there.
It was a nice evening.

Pizza *-*
The Italian exchange students in my city :) (I met 3 of them today)
Tomorrow I’m going to my first Brazilian soccer game. I’m really excited. Boa (our team from Varginha) is playing against Palmeiras (a time from SP which has been very good in the past).
I’ll tell you about it as soon as I can.  
Até logo e Beijos,   

23 Aug 2013

Um final de semana ótimo

Oi gente,

In this entry I want to tell you about my last, fabulous weekend which spend in the campo.
I think it was since I’m here (but all were great).

The Saturday was a normal day, I just watched the FC Bayern game and skyped with my mum.
In the afternoon my family decided to go to the farm of my host grandpa’s brother (if I remember right). We packed the things we need for the night in our van and left Varginha in the evening.

We drove outside the city I saw the most beautiful sunrise of my whole life. It was so amazing!
And the sky was wonderful, I loved it. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I looked at the sky in words, but I realized that I’m now living the life I always dreamed of in this moment. And I took a picture, but it’s not nearly as nice as the sunrise was.

When we arrived on this farm in Roça zé (country side) we were welcomed so nice. All the people there are great, funny and cheerful.
We had dinner and as later as it got more and more family members arrived: some cousins, aunts, uncles and I don’t know what else. But they were all so cool.
I had a lot of fun with my host siblings and cousins and the evening/night was just great. I got to know a part of the area of the farm at night (thanks to my cousin :D)

At midnight everybody went to bed.
My host sister, one of my host cousins and I slept at mattresses on the bottom of the living room in the night.
I have some pictures of us sleeping there, but you won’t see them, because I’m so ugly when I sleep! ;)
Prima, irmã & eu (cousin, sister & I)
In the morning we woke up at almost 9 o’clock and had breakfast.
After that we visited the coffee production on the farm. I’ve never see something like that so it was very interesting – especially because I love coffee (and the Brazilian is the best!).

Later we caught the three horses which are living on the farm and rode it. It was the first time for my host sister, but she’s very good. I was allowed to ride the horse of my host cousin Gabriela first (but just for a short distance) and later the one of another cousin. This time I could ride more: on the whole area of the farm and in all gaits.
And it’s much more fun riding a horse here in Brazil, because there aren’t that much rules as in Germany and you don’t need any special clothes here.
This was the greatest time of the weekend for me :)

In the afternoon we went to a “party” near the farm. It was a little culture shock because there were woman wearing nearly nothing like a skirt or something.
But because of my family it was much fun there.
And I danced Forró with my host uncle :D 

"Edilson do funk" :D
Back in Varginha my family and the family of my host cousin ate Burgers which were tasty *-*
Then we said goodbye to them and went home.
I was very tired but I had a great time and I wouldn’t have missed it!
Hopefully I’ll have some more weekends like that in this month I’m staying here in Varginha :)

As soon as I have time I’ll tell you a bit about my everyday life, school and my family.
Beijos e até logo,  

Some photos:



12 Aug 2013

A primeira semana no Brasil

Oi e Boa tarde,

I can’t believe that I’m already about one week here in Brazil. It happened so much in my first week in my new home.

In this entry I will talk about:

  • School
  • Portuguese
  •  Host Family
  • My first Brazilian party
  • Saudade (Home sickness)
My school uniforme
My books

My first week of school is over and I have to say it was really cool. School is a lots more relaxed here in Brazil and my class mates are all really nice.
In math, English, Spanish und physics I understand almost all, in Portuguese, sociology, reducação (there’s no translation, it a subject where we learn how to make a good presentation and something like that) geography and chemistry more or less all, but in biology, history, philosophy, art and literature almost nothing.

My timetable
And that’s my next point: Portuguese. For me it feels like speaking and understanding is getting easier every day and I think it’s getting a little bit better every day too.
I try to speak as much as possible, even sometimes I don’t know some words. But the people are helping me so much, when I don’t know a word or don’t understand something. And they speak a bit slower for me too.
The most difficult thing for me is understanding conversations between the Brazilians, because they speaking really fast and the young people with slang too.

My host family is really, really nice and I love them all. I know lots of family members now and they are all so cool.
I love to talk to them, and even my Portuguese isn’t that good, it’s easy for me to converse with them.
Doces brasileiros *__*
I really love the people here; they’re all nice and helpful and make me compliments ;)

Yesterday I had my first Brazilian party – the birthday party of my host sister. I was so great and I really enjoyed it. I meet lots of new people and I danced :D Yes, I who normally wouldn’t do that. But here I’m not afraid of what other people thinking of me because I just want to enjoy this year and have as much fun as possible. And of course try out new things – just like dancing like a Brazilian girl.
The food was also very good like every time *__*

Com amigas na festa
Now the worst thing of my first week here: homesickness. Yes I had some and it was very difficult. I felt so bad for two days and just wanted to go back to Germany.
But I think a reason for that was that I still had a jetlag and didn’t sleep enough. Because after I slept on Wednesday I felt much better.
But sometimes I feel very lonely here – every time when the people talking and I’m just standing there and understand nothing. But I think that’s getting better when my Portuguese is more fluent.

So this was my first week here. I hope you like this entry and if you have some questions, just ask me :)

Até logo,


P.S: To my German readers: I’m AFS Blogger know and because of this I’ll write some German entry time to time too. You can find them here: http://blog.afs.de/category/schuleraustausch-blogs/brasilien-blog-sandra/

6 Aug 2013

My first day of school

Hello everybody again,

As I said in my last entry today was my first school day and now I want to tell you about it.
The logo of my school
I have to stand up at 5.40am every morning (the same time like in Germany), get ready and have breakfast.
My host parents are bus driver, but it’s different than in Germany (and maybe Europa too). It’s a school bus services and they pick up the students in front of their house and take them to school.
Our bus starts in front of our house and then we drive through the city and pick up the people.
At 6.55am we arrived at school and my host sister accompany to the office where two nice woman welcome me.

I’m in the “primeiro ano” it’s the first class of the “ensino médio”. But I think European people can’t understand that, so I’ll explain it to you:
In Brazil there are the “Educação Infantil” (primary school) this are the first four classes, then you attend the “Educação Fundamental” this are class 5. to 9. and after that there are the possibility to attend “Ensino médio” and this are three years more.
So and I’m in the first year of the senior classes.

The people in my ano are very, very and really funny. I really like them all. Just like the teacher because they are a lot more relaxed like in Germany (I don’t want to say that German teacher are bad!).
While having classes you can talk and stand up here in Brazil. I really like that :D

The school made this for me
I didn’t understand everything while having classes but it was better like I imagined. In math and química I understand the most things, in geography and Portuguese parts, but in literature nearly nothing because they use lots of word I don’t know.
But speaking Portuguese is getting a little bit easier every day and I have  the feeling that I’m understanding more every day too.

After school I went home with my pai and had lunch (feijão with arroz). Then I had freetime and watched the FC Bayern game, skyped with my family and wrote this two entrys.

To conclude I would say that Brazil is a very, very nice country and I really like it here :)

I’ll write you again at the weekend maybe.

Até logo e tem um bom tempo,