28 Aug 2013

Meu primeiro jogo de futebol

Oi gente,

This entry will be a short one, but with lots of pictures.
As I told you in my last post, I watched the game Boa EC Varginha x Palmeiras live in the stadium last saturday.
It was great because my team (Boa of course!) won 1x0 even their much more Palmeiras fans.
This game was a special one for Varginha, because normally Boa doesen't play against big times like that.
In the half-time break I got a photo with the masscote and the president of Boa :)

So I don't want to say more, just look at the pictures:

The mascote of Boa & eu
The President of Boa & eu
My sister and I in front of the stadium
Have you ever seen something like this?
VITÓRIA! WIN! SIEG! Boa EC Varginha 1x0 Palmeiras
Exciting game :D
The moment before the goal
Celebration after the goal
The fans of Boa

Até logo, 


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