6 Aug 2013

My first days in Brazil

Oi todos,

Some friends mad this for me. THANK YOU :*
 I’m so sorry that this is the first time I’m writing you from Brasil, but I didn’t have time before.
I’m in Brazil since the early Friday morning and in Varginha since Friday night.
Da Alemanha pra aqui
But I’ll start at the beginning: at 1pm at Thursday my family and I left our house and took the train to Frankfurt airport. There we spend some hours until all AFSer met at 18.30pm. About one hour later I had to say goodbye to my family for one year. This was really, really hard.
Then we had our check-in and we gave up our luggage (my weighed 20,5kg and AFS said we could take 20kg with us, but 23kg were allowed by Lufthansa).
So everything went well and at 22.05pm all exchange students were in the airplane, but not just the German ones, the Italian students who were going to Brazil flied with us.
The flight was ok, but at the beginning when I wrote my “Goodbye-Book” I started to cry because I asked myself what I was doing there.
After the dinner (spaghetti) I felt asleep for about six hours (but I awake lots of times because it was very uncomfortable).
At about 4.45am we arrived in São Paulo and I had a 4 hours-stay there at the airport. After 4 hours we changed the terminal by bus and checked-in for our next flight to Belo Horizonte.
It was a very small airplane with which we flied there. We are the four Italian exchange students who are in the committee Varginha with me and another German exchange student who’s living in Ouro Branco.

In Belo Horizonte my counselor picked me and one of the Italian girls up. We still had lots of time until our bus to Varginha started, so we made a little tour through the city by taxi. BH is really beautiful *__* And the stadium Mineiro too.

Belo Horizonte *-*

In the bus I couldn’t sleep much, even it was very comfortable. So I was very tired when I arrived in Varginha at the bus stop.

My host family waited for me there with a Brazilian and a German flag and gave me some sweets and flowers. It was so great! I felt really feel here from the first moment.
But we didn’t go home after my arrival, we went to the host family of one of the Italian girls because here birthday was on Saturday and they made a party for here.
There I met lots of Brazilian people, even a boy who went to Germany for one year. It was very nice, but a bit awkward because I said “Bom dia” (good morning, but in German we can say it the whole day) the whole time, but it will never happen again (I hope).

Palms *__*

At Saturday I woke up at 9pm and was very sad. Then I started to listen to a audio book and felt asleep again. When I awake at 1pm again, everything was good again. I stand up, had breakfast and then I went three times to the supermarket with my sister.
In the evening we had a BBQ (fazer churrasco em português) with lots of people. I was great and I really enjoyed it :)

The food here is so good *___* I really, really love it! Pão de queijo, Açaí, a carne, Feijão… And the drinks: Guaraná *-* and the coffee. I would die for the food here :D

Varginha :)
The next day I woke up again at 9am and this time I stand up just a short time after that. I had breakfast with my family and then I went to the supermarket with my host siblings.
Then we had a BBQ again with my host aunt, uncle and their son. It was very relaxed and cool because they are very nice.
Nave especial
In the evening my host sister, some of her friends, a Brazilian boy who’s going to Germany in September and I went to the city and had “Açaí” (it’s a fruit from a palm tree). It was very delicious.
After that we went to the center and I took a picture with the “Nave especial” (the landmark of Varginha) and a figure of an alien :D
An alien & me
In the city center we met lots of young Brazilian people, because there’s a big place/park where they met at Sunday evening. I talked to lots of them and it was very cool even I didn’t understand everything.
Some of them said my eyes are beautiful and at the beginning I was confused but then I realized that the majority of the Brazilians have dark (brown) eyes and I have green ones.
So wanted to post this entry yesterday but I was too tired to write it. Because of this I’ll post a second entry about my first school day now too.

Até mais,

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