12 Aug 2013

A primeira semana no Brasil

Oi e Boa tarde,

I can’t believe that I’m already about one week here in Brazil. It happened so much in my first week in my new home.

In this entry I will talk about:

  • School
  • Portuguese
  •  Host Family
  • My first Brazilian party
  • Saudade (Home sickness)
My school uniforme
My books

My first week of school is over and I have to say it was really cool. School is a lots more relaxed here in Brazil and my class mates are all really nice.
In math, English, Spanish und physics I understand almost all, in Portuguese, sociology, reducação (there’s no translation, it a subject where we learn how to make a good presentation and something like that) geography and chemistry more or less all, but in biology, history, philosophy, art and literature almost nothing.

My timetable
And that’s my next point: Portuguese. For me it feels like speaking and understanding is getting easier every day and I think it’s getting a little bit better every day too.
I try to speak as much as possible, even sometimes I don’t know some words. But the people are helping me so much, when I don’t know a word or don’t understand something. And they speak a bit slower for me too.
The most difficult thing for me is understanding conversations between the Brazilians, because they speaking really fast and the young people with slang too.

My host family is really, really nice and I love them all. I know lots of family members now and they are all so cool.
I love to talk to them, and even my Portuguese isn’t that good, it’s easy for me to converse with them.
Doces brasileiros *__*
I really love the people here; they’re all nice and helpful and make me compliments ;)

Yesterday I had my first Brazilian party – the birthday party of my host sister. I was so great and I really enjoyed it. I meet lots of new people and I danced :D Yes, I who normally wouldn’t do that. But here I’m not afraid of what other people thinking of me because I just want to enjoy this year and have as much fun as possible. And of course try out new things – just like dancing like a Brazilian girl.
The food was also very good like every time *__*

Com amigas na festa
Now the worst thing of my first week here: homesickness. Yes I had some and it was very difficult. I felt so bad for two days and just wanted to go back to Germany.
But I think a reason for that was that I still had a jetlag and didn’t sleep enough. Because after I slept on Wednesday I felt much better.
But sometimes I feel very lonely here – every time when the people talking and I’m just standing there and understand nothing. But I think that’s getting better when my Portuguese is more fluent.

So this was my first week here. I hope you like this entry and if you have some questions, just ask me :)

Até logo,


P.S: To my German readers: I’m AFS Blogger know and because of this I’ll write some German entry time to time too. You can find them here: http://blog.afs.de/category/schuleraustausch-blogs/brasilien-blog-sandra/

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