6 Aug 2013

My first day of school

Hello everybody again,

As I said in my last entry today was my first school day and now I want to tell you about it.
The logo of my school
I have to stand up at 5.40am every morning (the same time like in Germany), get ready and have breakfast.
My host parents are bus driver, but it’s different than in Germany (and maybe Europa too). It’s a school bus services and they pick up the students in front of their house and take them to school.
Our bus starts in front of our house and then we drive through the city and pick up the people.
At 6.55am we arrived at school and my host sister accompany to the office where two nice woman welcome me.

I’m in the “primeiro ano” it’s the first class of the “ensino médio”. But I think European people can’t understand that, so I’ll explain it to you:
In Brazil there are the “Educação Infantil” (primary school) this are the first four classes, then you attend the “Educação Fundamental” this are class 5. to 9. and after that there are the possibility to attend “Ensino médio” and this are three years more.
So and I’m in the first year of the senior classes.

The people in my ano are very, very and really funny. I really like them all. Just like the teacher because they are a lot more relaxed like in Germany (I don’t want to say that German teacher are bad!).
While having classes you can talk and stand up here in Brazil. I really like that :D

The school made this for me
I didn’t understand everything while having classes but it was better like I imagined. In math and química I understand the most things, in geography and Portuguese parts, but in literature nearly nothing because they use lots of word I don’t know.
But speaking Portuguese is getting a little bit easier every day and I have  the feeling that I’m understanding more every day too.

After school I went home with my pai and had lunch (feijão with arroz). Then I had freetime and watched the FC Bayern game, skyped with my family and wrote this two entrys.

To conclude I would say that Brazil is a very, very nice country and I really like it here :)

I’ll write you again at the weekend maybe.

Até logo e tem um bom tempo,

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