23 Aug 2013

Um final de semana ótimo

Oi gente,

In this entry I want to tell you about my last, fabulous weekend which spend in the campo.
I think it was since I’m here (but all were great).

The Saturday was a normal day, I just watched the FC Bayern game and skyped with my mum.
In the afternoon my family decided to go to the farm of my host grandpa’s brother (if I remember right). We packed the things we need for the night in our van and left Varginha in the evening.

We drove outside the city I saw the most beautiful sunrise of my whole life. It was so amazing!
And the sky was wonderful, I loved it. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I looked at the sky in words, but I realized that I’m now living the life I always dreamed of in this moment. And I took a picture, but it’s not nearly as nice as the sunrise was.

When we arrived on this farm in Roça zé (country side) we were welcomed so nice. All the people there are great, funny and cheerful.
We had dinner and as later as it got more and more family members arrived: some cousins, aunts, uncles and I don’t know what else. But they were all so cool.
I had a lot of fun with my host siblings and cousins and the evening/night was just great. I got to know a part of the area of the farm at night (thanks to my cousin :D)

At midnight everybody went to bed.
My host sister, one of my host cousins and I slept at mattresses on the bottom of the living room in the night.
I have some pictures of us sleeping there, but you won’t see them, because I’m so ugly when I sleep! ;)
Prima, irmã & eu (cousin, sister & I)
In the morning we woke up at almost 9 o’clock and had breakfast.
After that we visited the coffee production on the farm. I’ve never see something like that so it was very interesting – especially because I love coffee (and the Brazilian is the best!).

Later we caught the three horses which are living on the farm and rode it. It was the first time for my host sister, but she’s very good. I was allowed to ride the horse of my host cousin Gabriela first (but just for a short distance) and later the one of another cousin. This time I could ride more: on the whole area of the farm and in all gaits.
And it’s much more fun riding a horse here in Brazil, because there aren’t that much rules as in Germany and you don’t need any special clothes here.
This was the greatest time of the weekend for me :)

In the afternoon we went to a “party” near the farm. It was a little culture shock because there were woman wearing nearly nothing like a skirt or something.
But because of my family it was much fun there.
And I danced Forró with my host uncle :D 

"Edilson do funk" :D
Back in Varginha my family and the family of my host cousin ate Burgers which were tasty *-*
Then we said goodbye to them and went home.
I was very tired but I had a great time and I wouldn’t have missed it!
Hopefully I’ll have some more weekends like that in this month I’m staying here in Varginha :)

As soon as I have time I’ll tell you a bit about my everyday life, school and my family.
Beijos e até logo,  

Some photos:



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