Sobre mim

I am
Sandra; 15 years old; from a little village in the Black forest (south-west of Germany); future exchange student in Varginha, Brazil

Brasil; cultures; Football; FC Bayern München; SC Freiburg; ski jumping; learning new languages; travelling; reading; writing

Watching football; blogging; learning Portuguese; meeting friends; communicate with people all over the world

Countries I’ve already visited
Austria; Switzerland; France; Denmark; Portugal (Madeira); Italy; England; Germany :D

Countries I want to visit
Brasil; Argentina; Paraguay; Australia; Sweden; Netherlands; Belgium; Thailand; Malaysia; Norway; Portugal; Spain; Costa Rica; Mexico; Venezuela; Peru; Chile; Uruguay;

Dream job
Director of International Relations; International Manager; Sports Journalist

Favourite movies
The last song; Percy Jackson; Harry Potter; The perks of being a wallflower

Exchange songs

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