24 Aug 2013

Dia-a-Dia no Brasil

Boa noite,

Like I told you yesterday I’m going to talk about my everyday life in Brazil today.
Every day (from Monday to Friday) starts at 5.40 am when my host mum wakes my host sister and me up. Then we get ready and have breakfast within 30 minutes and leave the house.  My parents work as bus drivers so I pass through the city of Varginha every morning for about half an hour.
At almost 7 o’clock I arrive at school and go to my class room. Before the lesson starts I talk to my class mates or sometimes I just listen to their conversations and try to understand something.
My school day is usually really relaxed and when I don’t want to listen to the teacher I just do something else, for example: sleeping.
On a normal day I have 6 hours of school, just at Monday I have school in the afternoon too. And every Friday I have to do 5 tests.

After the end of school I have to wait half an hour for my host dad to pick some students, my sister and me up. While waiting I usually talking to friends, often to some from the “2* ano”.
When I arrive at home we have lunch: of course every day “feijão com arroz” (beans with rice) and something else.

In the afternoon I often do something with my host sister or my parents. Two times a week I go along to the extra English lesson of my sis in the evening. I really like this because the people there are really cool and I talk a lot with the teacher (in English or Portuguese). But it’s a bit difficult to speak another language at the moment because there’s so much Portuguese in my head.

So this is my everyday life here.
Now about today: I went to school like every day, but the first two hours we did nothing because some of my classmates practice for a project and some (like me) had nothing to do.
Then I had about 20 minutes of Biology until my dad picked me up and we went to the police because I needed an ID card. At the police station I meet two Italian exchange students from my committee.  
After we finished everything there one of the Italians and I went to the house of my contact person here in Varginha and had lunch there. We helped to prepare the lunch and later my sister also arrived and ate with us.

In the afternoon I had to do five tests (today: History, Chemistry, Portuguese, Sociology and Philosophy). I just did a part of Portuguese (the grammatical part) and Chemistry. But the second one was difficult for me because I didn’t have a calculator.
After my tests my dad took my sister, one of her friends and the Italian girl to my school and went to the center together.
There we met my host cousin and some girls from my class. We stayed there for a while and then we walked home.

At 8 o’clock my sister and I went to the house of another Italian exchange student because she made pizza for us. One of her friends from school, her host brother, one of his friends and two other Italian girls were there.
It was a nice evening.

Pizza *-*
The Italian exchange students in my city :) (I met 3 of them today)
Tomorrow I’m going to my first Brazilian soccer game. I’m really excited. Boa (our team from Varginha) is playing against Palmeiras (a time from SP which has been very good in the past).
I’ll tell you about it as soon as I can.  
Até logo e Beijos,   


Anonymous said...

Hey :) Ich hab deinen Blog entdeckt und wollte dich ganz lieb fragen ob du mir bei meiner Fotoweltreise bis Ende August helfen würdest- Brasilien klingt toll!

So gehts:
Ich maile dir ein Bild, welches du ausgedruckt (nur wenn es dir nichts ausmacht) vor einer Sehenswürdigkeit oder was typisch für das Land ist, hälst. Dann machst du ein Foto vom Foto vor der Kulisse und mailst es mir zurück!

Am Ende soll es eine riesige Fotowand mit den verschiedensten Orten auf der Welt werden, die ich meiner Freundin zum Geburtstag schenken möchte..)

Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mir bei meinem Projekt helfen magst :)

So kannst du mich erreichen:

Ich würde mich riesig freuen!

Ürbigens ein toller Blog!!

LG, Mai

Katha said...

Hallöchen! :)
Wie schmeckt denn dieses Bohnengericht und was ist da so alles drin?

LG Katha