18 Aug 2014

Welcome Back To Good Old Germany

Hello everyone,

It's already about 2 month since I arrived in Germany again, but I couldn't write anything before. Believe me that I tried, but how you see, it wasn't very succesful.

The first time back in my home country was really difficult for me. I missed Brasil, my host family and friends so much. If someone had paid the airplane for me, I would have gone back instantly. I tried to distract myself from this all day, but yet I spent the first nights crying before sleep.
My other problem was that I felt that nothing and even worse I didn't change at all. I felt like this whole year has been for nothing and it made my feel so bad! 

This changed after I've been to Düsseldorf for the One Direction concert. After that I knew that I changed a lot. Before Brasil I always had a bad feeling when I went somewhere alone and it was difficult for me to get in touch with other people or ask them for help. 

This changed a lot since then. Now I just casually talk to people and I'm good withd it. Because of this I got to meet lots of nice guys and made some new friends with which I want to keep in touch.
Some this concert was a turning point for me and after that it got all better. I feel comfortable in Germany again and it's like I finally see the advantages of living here again now. Of course I still miss a lot of things, but I think this won't change anytime soon. But my family and I are planning to travel to Brasil next year, so I have something I'm really looking forward to. 

Last week I travelled to Berlin with my family. I was really intresting to visit the German capital as I've never been there before.

Next week I'm going to do a placement at the nursery school where my mum is working. I think it will be a good experience and I'm preoccupied in the last weeks of my holidays.

I wasn't in school since I arrived in Germany, because I'm on a leave for this school year and I'm going to repeat this year anyway. So I'm on holiday since more than 6 weeks and there are whole 7 ahead. With that said I can tell you that I'm really looking forward to the new year and meeting new people as I'm going to a new school after holidays. 

I think that's all I wanna tell you at the moment. I think there will be one more post after my AFS rework weekend and maybe a report about my experience and everything.

Before I concluded thus post, there's one more important thing:
THANK YOU / OBRIGADA / DANKE for over 17.000 views!

I've never thought that a lot of people would be interested in my year and so I'm happily surprise by this number. Thanks to everyone who followed my experience here and I hoped you liked it and it was at least a little interesting.
So, see you next time. 

Lots of love, viele Grüße & Beijos, 

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