20 Jun 2013

My thoughts about the current situation in Brazil


I think everybody who watched the news or read a newspaper in the last days, know what’s going on in Brazil at the moment.
In this entry I want to share my thoughts about it with you.

First: I can understand the people who are picking on the streets for a better Brazil, but I can’t understand all this violence, because it doesn’t help.
I’m really happy that the world cup is in Brazil next year when I am there, but I also have to say that it doesn’t change Brazil and it probably won’t make something better.
The people need more education and a better health care system, not new stadiums.
That they also protest against corruption is understandable for everybody I think. I already knew, that some people there are corrupted and I think it’s a good start that the Brazilians knew that themselves and fight against it.
I think there are lots of problems in Brazil, but that’s one of the reasons to go for me. I don’t want a year in a “perfect” world, I want a year with experiences and I want to know a new country with its entire people, its entire its culture and also with all of its problems.
So I really understand them, but I hope the violence will go away soon and  the situation will get more peaceful and better.
My mum told me today that she would be fear for me if nothing changed until my departure. I wouldn’t like it that my family and friend must be afraid of my year abroad.

I’ve wrote a second entry today and I think I will publish it tomorrow on my way to Bad Hersfeld where the third and last preparation weekend takes part. It the country-specific weekend and we will talk a lot about Brazil there.

Até amanhã,


P.S: Yesterday I found I video on Facebook and after watching it, I understood the situation better that before. So I really recommend it to everybody:

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