27 Jun 2013

5 semanas

Oi e Boa tarde,

First: Sorry that I didn't publish a new post on Friday like I said in my last post, but I didn't had the time. But now there is a much longer post about everything that happened in the last time.

That's the time which is left until my departure to Brazil. That's so less and can't believe it. Time is passing so fast. I've got the feeling that there is so much to do in these 35 days.

At the last weekend I had my last preparation week, the country-specific one in Bad Hersfeld. It was really, really great! I loved it. We all had the same aim: learning as much as we can about Brazil.
And our advisers were really nice too and they told us so much about their own experiences and gave us lots of tips for our own year.
And like every time before there was this "AFS feeling" which is just indescribable.
I really miss the other AFSer and I'm happy that I'll meet them all again at the airport when we fly to Brazil together.
And one of the best things of the weekend: the Brazilian food! It's was so delicious, I can't wait to eat it again. Feijoada (typical dish of Brazil) is really good and the dessert Brigadeiro is just perfect *__*

Me, Elena and Victoria (Room girls :*)

About one week ago I got my Visa! I was so happy and now I love looking at it (I know that's crazy, but it shows me that I don't dream :D). Here are two photos, isn't it beautiful? ;)

Some weeks ago I started realizing what it means to be one year away from home. I was in a bad mood for a few days because they were so many thoughts in my head and I couldn't arrange this feeling. I thought about nearly everything I did and it was really annoying.
In one moment I was up in the sky and it felt like everything is such great and nothing could bring be down, but then in the next moment I was down on earth again and thinking about what I'm doing there. 
In the evening before I fall asleep I lied in my bed and was afraid of everything, but then I told myself that this is my biggest dream and I should be happy that it is coming true.
But after a few days it was over and now I think it was just phase which belongs to the preparation of my exchange year.
And it had an advantage too: I think I know now what it means to go abroad. I'm still nervous and excited, but I'm even happier than before.
And then I found this pic and I can say: it's so true!

So I think this was everything what happened in the last time. If there is any news I'll write a new post. And if you have questions, request or ideas for a new post, just write me :)



P.S: As you all know going abroad is very, very expensive. And not everybody has the money to pay it, but everybody should have the chance to do an exchange year. So there is a challenge called "into's Topbotschafter" where students can win three full rides (scholarships). To my German readers: maybe you can watch the videos and vote for at least one person who's you favourite. It doesn't coast too much time and maybe the biggest dream of one of these students will come true with your help.
So here's the link: http://www.into-schueleraustausch.de/topbotschafter/videos

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