8 Jul 2013

School, London and a Brazilian exchange student

Oi e Boa noite,

23 days left, my To-Do-List is getting shorter and today my last week of classes began. Everything is coming so real at the moment and the time is passing sooo fast. In some moments I’m really nervous, but I can’t wait to go!


My last “normal” school weeks began today, but although there are still about 2 ½ weeks until my holiday left, it’s the last time I’ll see the most of my teachers. The reasons there for are our study trip to London next week (I’m really excited!) and then there are only three days left. In these days we won’t have lessons. On Monday we’re going to have a “Top-Day” (I don’t really know what we’re gonna do on this day), on Tuesday we have “Sports Day” (my friends and I have chosen Hip-Hop) and on Wednesday we are getting our school report. Wednesday will also be my last school day in Germany for a very long time!

So as I said above, my class level is going to do a study trip to London next week. We are going to live in host families (which are paid) near the city. Two of my friends and I are going to in live in Belvedere, a district a bit outside of London.
One negative thing is that we’re going there by bus. We will need about 20 hours but we are going to have a stop in Canterbury, one of the most beautiful cities of England.
We are going to stay only three days in London, but we have a big program. I think these days will be very stressful. Anyway London is a very, very nice city and I’m happy to have the chance to go there now. And so I think it worth it.
I’ll tell write a post about our trip to London after my return and then there not even two week left until my departure to Brazil (OMG O.o).

Another thing I want to tell you about is that my family is hosting a girl from São Paulo at the moment. She’s here with her school and for about 4 week all the students are living in host families. Our Brazilian is called Fernanda and she’s sharing a room with me.
It’s very interesting to have someone from Brazil here, because she know a lot about the country and can tell me so many things. And she speaks Portuguese – but at the moment I’m too shy to speak it, because I think my pronunciation is horrible. But I want to change that fact, so I have to aim to just speak Portuguese with her for one day (it will be a very quiet day :D).

Fernanda & me at Konstanz (sorry for the bad qualitity!)
So I don’t know when I’ll post again, maybe not until I’m back from London (except you have any ideas, wishes or questions for a post?)

Até logo e um bom tempo pra todos!



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