28 Sep 2013

Provas, nossa Roça e um aniversário

Oi gente,

After a long time here's a new post for you. The last weeks have been busy and when I had time to write, I was too lazy ;)

First of all, what happened:
I had lots of test and this week on Wednesday and Friday I'll have two again. These are the "Simuladas" which means that there are 50 questions from all subjects. That's really much and very, very tiring. The last time I just resolve 15 and the rest I just chose one letter randomly.
Anyway I reached 0,72 of 3, I think that's a good result (for me) and I wasn't the worst student of my class - so everything's cool :D
The "Simuladas" are the last two test of the Bimestre and yeah that means my first of four Bimestre in Brasil is ending next week and my one-week holidays are starting soon. Time is passing so fast :o

What else? My host grandfather has a little house in the nature near Varginha and at one weekend we went there and cleaned it.
Now it's very nice inside and we can spend our weekends there and enjoy it.
It's such a lovely place, here are "some" photos:
My favourite place there :)

Our little house there :)
My host brother - isn't he sweet? :D
Sunrise there *-*
On Saturday was the 7. Birthday of my host brother. All the day we prepared his birthday party and in the evening the guests (some of his friends and some family members) arrived.
It was a nice celebration and the food was fabulous *-*
Here are some pics:

His birthday cake *-*

Yes, I had fun ;)
So I think that all the news I wanted to tell you.
Last week we had a literature project in my school and as soon as I get the pictures, I'll write about it :)

Até logo, Sandra

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