10 Oct 2013

2 meses, meu primeiro Bimestre & mais

Oi galera,

More than two month are already over! I can't believe it :o Time's flying so fast... ✈✈✈
And last week my first of four Bimestres in Brasil ended. My first 8 weeks of school, new subjects and lots of test are over.
Two weeks ago I had my last two exams, the "Simuladas". They were for all the subjects and I reached 2,8 and 2,7 of 5. I think that's a really good mark for a German exchange student.

Simulada Part 1 (Inglês, Matemática, Biologia, Literatura e Filosofia)
Simulada Part 2 (Português, História, Física, Química, Espanhol, Sociologia & Arte)
Minhas outras provas (my collection of other tests)

Then on the last day of September when I came back from school, the shock: a truck that normally parks towards our house bumped in a house at the end of the street. It wasn't parked right and because of this it started to move down the road itself...
There's a picture I mad:

From last Friday to Sunday I was at an AFS camp in Belo Horizonte (capital of my staate). There's so much to tell about this weekend, so I'll write an extra post today or tomorrow.

Last Sunday night I was at a concert of Jorge & Mateus in my city. It was really good and like the music they make a lot.
I was there with my host sister, the two Italian exchange students and their host siblings and two friends of them. We bought VIP tickets, but VIP here is different to Germany. VIP here means that you are in front of the stage, but it's a really big part so I hadn't been near the stage.
We were also in the "Pista" (that's the other and cheaper part) and I think there isn't much
difference, just the distance to the stage.
And in the VIP area there was a fighting, so a friend took my arm and we run away really fast.
To be honest: I was afraid...

So I think that's all the important things to write. Now I just want to share some photos of the last time with you:
Jogo de basquete do um amigo (Basketball game of a friend)
A Pool *-*

Feliz aniversário atrasado Varginha!

Até logo, Sandra

What I just wanted to say:

Even I don't have much time to follow the games: I'm so proud of you boys! ♥♥♥

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