10 Oct 2013

Um final de semana em BH

Oi gente,

Here I am again. Now I want to tell you about my last weekend in Belo Horizonte, like I notified in my last post.

It all started at Friday when I took the bus to BH together with the two Italian exchange students from my city.
Because of the rain we needed 6,5 hours instead of 5. When arrived at the rodoviária in BH nobody from AFS where there, neither at the meeting point.
After 10 minutes a volunteer arrived but the other exchange students still hadn't been arrived.
Later another German girl arrived and we started speak German - and it felt so strange at the beginning. I can tell you: it's a crazy feeling when your first language isn't normal anymore... :D

After 2 hours waiting at the bus station nearly everybody arrived and we could go to our hostel. In the evening we just get to know each other and we went to a restaurant and ate Pizza there.
At this orientation there were AFSer from Italy, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, Greenland and the USA. It was so interesting to talk to people from countries you don't know and now I know: I still have to visit so many countries!

In the pizzeria (credits to Sofia Lissandron)
Intercultural talking (credits to Sofia Lissandron)
The next day we had some activities about exchange in the morning and then we left the hostel and went to city center of Belo Horizonte. And we used the metro - I didn't know that it exists one in BH.

We arrived at a station called "praça da estação", a nice place with a little museum which we could visit for free. After that we went to a shopping center to eat there in a "kilo-restaurant". If you don't know what this is: you take a plate with everything you like from a buffet and then you pay by kilo. That's really common here in Brazil.
And we had the advantage that AFS paid the meal, so I could eat as much as I can :D

When we finished our lunch we didn't had time to buy something in the shopping center (that's really sad because I saw some FC Bayern jerseys in the Adidas Outlet :'( ). We walked to the "Mercado central" which just a few streets away.
There I bought a pair of Havaiannas (for just 5 euros *-*). 
The Italian girls bought everything to make Spaghetti for us.

When we walked back to the metro station I saw some parts of BH which aren't really pretty. The whole city is a mix of pretty, modern and old, run-down parts. 
If you rode all of my entries you know that I've already been in Belo Horizonte when I arrived at the airport there. At this day I saw some really beautiful places and I thought is BH is a amazing city, now I know that doesn't count for the whole city.

(credits to Sarah Willmeroth)
We spent the evening talking to each other and eating really good Italian pasta *-*

Italian Spaghetti *-* (credits to Milan Marcus)
After a short night our last half day started.
We had breakfast in the hostel and after that we went to a little park where everybody of us AFSer had an individual interview with the volunteers of AFS. They wanted to know how our experience is going until now.

After that we took our backs and went to the rodoviária where we had lunch in a "kilo-restaurant" again. Then the first of us had to go and this meant say goodbye.
I can't describe it but it's every time special when AFSer meet. Everybody is getting along well with each other and you can talk so much to people who are the complete opposite of you.
Because of this I love meetings of AFSer and hate the time is passing faster than normally then...

My bus back to Varginha went at 2.30pm and so I arrived at home at nearly 8pm.
It was a really great weekend and if anybody of the AFSer of Minas Gerais reads this: I enjoyed the time with you so much and I hope we'll meet again soon <3 p="">
Here are some more pictures:

Alemanha, Tailândia e 2x Itália (credits to Sarah Willmeroth)
AFSer (credits to Sarah Willmeroth)
A gente (credits to Sarah Willmeroth)
Intercambistas de Minas Gerais (credits to Sarah Willmeroth)
Os alemães (credits to Milan Marcus)
So I hope you could get an idea of my first AFS weekend here in Brasil.
I don't know when I'll write again, maybe when something special happens or after my first week of school after my holidays (which aren't official holidays :D).

Até logo, Sandra

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