11 Jan 2014

Momentos especiais

Oi gente,

Hopefully you all had a good start into 2014.
In this post I'm going to tell you about four special events that happened in the last time:
  • The graduation of my oldest host sister
  • Christmas
  • New Year's Eve
  • The first birthday of youngest host sister
I'm going to start with the graduations which happened the week after my trip to Foz do Igaçu.
It began with a church service on Tuesday where all the graduates and their families took part.
Going to church here in Brazil is a lot like in Germany, even I just went to catholic churches here and I'm Protestant.

On Friday there was the surrender of the certifications which happened to be a lot like the one in American High School movies.
They also wear these clothes like in the movies and throw the hats into the air at the end of the ceremony.
I loved that because it's a lot more interesting than in Germany. I'm sad I'll never have a graduation like that...

The highlight of all the graduation celebrations this week was the dance on Saturday night. Everybody wore elegant dresses or suits.
The graduates danced waltz with their mums/dads and after that the party started.
Nearly all the people danced and had fun.
It was a great night and I'm really thankful for the opportunity to take part in an event like that.

The week after this it was Christmas.
On the 24th of December we went to one of my host aunts' and spent the evening with all the family there. Of course there was delicious food! :D
Christmas in Brazil begins not until midnight and there's only on public holiday, the 25th of December.
I think Christmas here isn't that important like in other countries in Europe or the United States. A reason for that it's in summer here, I think. But it's a day to spend with the family here too and that's really nice.

Nossa árvore do Natal
New Year's Eve we spend "na Roça" where we had a little party with the whole family and some friends.
There was a big fruit buffet which I really loved! Fruits here are so good, especially the ones like mango or pineapple.
At midnight we had a little firework, but because we were outside the city, it wasn't that big.
All in all it was a calm night, which ended at 1am for me because I had bellyache.

Frutas *-*

My youngest host sister became one year old at the 3th of January and because it was the fourth birthday of one of my host cousins too, there was a big party on the next day.
Children's birthdays are really important here in Brazil.
The party decoration was amazing with lots of balloons, princess dolls, two cakes and lots of other sweets.
The two birthday girls had "Tinker Bell" costumes and looked really sweet.
It was a great evening and I love that I got the possibility to take part, because I already saw photos of parties like that.

So I've still holidays and enjoying the time when i didn't have to get up early because it will start again too soon. But I'm also looking forward to February and the start of the new school year, because then I can see my friends every day again.

One thing that happened one week ago: HALFTIME!!!
I can't believe half of my time here is already over. The time I've been here feels like some weeks, not like 5 MONTH!
In 146 days I'm already going back to Germany... Of course I'm looking forward to see my family and friends again, but I love my life here and it feels so normal to be here, like it has been like that all my life.
But everybody say the second half is the better one, so I'll enjoy the last month here as good as I can.

I'm planning on writing some post about themes like food, the school/university system etc. in the next week. If anyone of you has an idea for it, just write me and I'll look if I can write something about that :)

Até logo, Sandra

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