4 Feb 2014

Começa do ano letivo & data do retorno pra Alemanha

Oi gente,

So yesterday after over two month my school started again. It was horrible waking up at 6am again, but I looked really forward to go to school again.
This was until I saw my timetable... I've school until seven o'clock in the evening every Monday. 12 hours!!! That's just too much!
(I will never ever say something against school until 5pm in Germany again!)

My time table - not nice!
But it was really nice to see my friends again and some moved to my class now and that's just great. I can't believe I just got 4 month left... They will pass so fast and then I have to leave this all behind. I don't wanna think about this!

My books and my Portuguese periodic table
That's because I got my date for my return to Germany today for sure. It's the 6th of June, one week before the world cup... So I will have to watch it in Germany, not like I expected in the host country :(
I tried to stay longer, but AFS doesn't allow it this year. That's sad, but I can't change it.
But of course I'm also looking forward to see my German family at 7th of June at the airport of Frankfurt.

Two days I ago I completed the half year in Brazil and that's unbelievable! Where did the last six month go?
Time's passing so fast....

I don't have much other news and I don't think it will change soon, because I have my Brazilian everyday life back.

But I'm looking forward to my only Brazilian birthday at the last day of this month :)

Até logo,


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