15 May 2014

Páscoa, Belo Horizonte & meu último mês

Oi gente,

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is (a) present!

When I started to write this entry last week, there my last month here hasn't just started. Now it's already only about 3 weeks (where did the time go???). I still haven't realised what it means and I try not to think of it too often. I just wanna enjoy the last time with my host family and my friends before I won't see them again for an unknown time.

Now to a lot more happier thing: Easter or "Páscoa" how they call it here. Like in Germany everyone gets sweets as a present, but instead of Easter bunnies and little eggs of chocolate, big chocolate eggs are more common here. I've already seen them some weeks ago in the supermarket where there usually hanging from on a big bay.

I got one of these Easter eggs from my family too and I really liked it. It's wrapped beautiful and when you open it, you find a big chocolate egg there made of two halves which you can break and then you can find even more sweets inside. I love that idea and I would like to have them in Germany too.

Three weeks ago I stayed in Belo Horizonte for one weekend for the third time. We had our second and last AFS orientation there.
An Italian exchange student from my city and I took the bus at 11am on Friday morning and arrived in BH after only 4 1/2 hours (which is really fast!). At the bus station there we met all the other exchange students from Minas Gerais and it was so nice to see them all again after about six months.

Friday we ate Pizza at the same restaurant as the last time and later went to a little bar just to talk a little more.
Saturday we had some activities to reflex our exchange in the morning and then we had lunch at a kilo restaurant which was very delicious. In the afternoon we had some more activities about our return to our country of origin and then some free time.
Later we all cooked food from our home countries for dinner. The Italians cooked Pasta with tomato sauce for us (of course :D), one girl from Thailand mad hot chicken and the other Germans and I tried to make "Kaiserschmarrn" (something familiar like pancake) which ended up to be better than we all expected.
So we had a very international dinner this evening.

Our last evening together we spend talking and later I and some of the other exchange students ended up sitting on the couch wrapped in warm blankets (it was soooo cold!!) and watching the third part of Harry Potter. So I didn't get much hours of sleep that night again.

Sunday morning we had two last exercises to do and then we've already had to leave to go to the bus station again. We had lunch there at a kilo restaurant again, but soon we had to say goodbye to the first ones. Of course I'll see (nearly) all the Germans in a little more than 30 days again (way to soon!) when we fly back to our home country, but I don't know if or rather when I'll met for example the Thai girl or the boy from Texas again. This thought made me feel really sad and I nearly started crying when I was on the way back to Varginha (alone this time). The whole journey I couldn't stop thinking about this, the farewells that will come too soon and other thought about my exchange.

Alemanha, EUA & Itália ♥ (copyright by Laura Tiesler)
When I arrived in Varginha in the evening I had to wait for about 45 minutes at the bus station and I really hated it. I think that's one of the few places I don't feel save, especially at night, in my city.
I was happy to be home again and went to bed fast, because I had 12 lessons of school on Monday.

That's all I have to tell you this time. This weekend I'm going to visit a university in Campinas and later we will go to the biggest shopping center of Latin America. I'm already looking forward to it and so I think the next post will be about this (besides something special happens before).

"The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse"
 As I started with a quote, I'm ending with one. This one is from Sarah (one of the exchange students here in Minas), she told it at our AFS weekend and I really liked it, because it's so true:

I've learned to love Brasil and appreciate Germany.

Até logo,


P.S: Before I arrived here in Brasil, I thought it was a warm country. I changed my mind: Brasil is soooo cold!!! I'm freezing the whole time at the moment.

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