17 Apr 2014

50 dias até Alemanha

Oi gente,

So exactly 50 days ago I posted here for the last time and I'm really sorry for that. I don't have any excuse for that, time is just passing so fast and I couldn't tell anyone where the last few weeks have gone.

So here's a little resume of what happened in the last few weeks:

*My birthday hadn't been exactly the best day of the year because I've been homesick all day. I don't why it was that worse this day, but nothing could make it really better: not having lunch in the city with my friends and not the little party with my family at night.
This was on my birthday :)

*Over Carnival we were at our "Roça" and just relaxed there.

*My host family and I have visited my older host sister two times in Itajubá where she's going university. The city is really calm and beautiful, I liked it a lot. Just the traffic there is more than bad.

*My host uncles bought two horses and I love horses! One of them is really wild and fast, so no one except my host uncle himself can ride it. The other one belongs to my host cousin and is a lot more
calmer, so I got the chance to ride it too.

*I got my Brazilian ID Card and I'm so proud of it :D

Sou brasileira agora :D

*One of the English schools in my city had a little party at St. Patrick's Day and I've been invited to do some propaganda for my organisation AFS because they need new host families. It was a pretty cool evening and the kids have been really nice and interested.

A little bit luck is good for everyone

*We had a math project/competition at school. My group had the exercise to play (math) games with 6th year (Ensino Fundamental) and it really went well. We won our part, but all in all the 3rd year (Ensino Médio) won.

Amo vocês!

Amigos ♥

*On the Saturday which was planned to be the day of the math project we got the news that one boy from the 3rd year who had cancer died this day. I haven't known him, but I started crying too because all my friends had been so sad. There have been three days of mourning after that.

*Last week I came down with a really bad cold. I felt really bad, so had to go to the doctor. Thursday afternoon Friday I slept nearly the whole time, but Saturday I've already felt better again. To get a cold here is very easy because of the weather. It's autumn now and so the mornings/nights are really cold, but during the day it's still getting hot. So you never know what clothes to use.
This week it started to rain a lot and it was cold the whole day. Anyway it's really strange, because the chill here is worse for me than the chill in Germany (and it's getting a lot colder there).

Chuva, chuva, chuva

*My first "Bimstre" (part of the school year) 2014 and third overall ended this week. I'm proud because I passed in nearly every subject without getting the "exchange student bonus". Just in História, Filosofia and Literatura I got some points more than I reaches myself.

*Tuesday my last and not even complete "Bimestre" is starting and it's making me really sad. Now that I understand almost everything at school and I really like the most subjects. Just math, physics and chemistry are making me crazy, because we're not allowed to use calculator here, but I'm used to it.

Another exchange student here in Brasil posted this picture on Facebook some days ago. It really made me think about it and for me I'm sure the second one is a lot harder than the first one. I built up a life here in 10 month and soon I'm going to leave it (forever?). And even if I come back some day, I won't be same again. At the moment I'm part of my host family, my circle of friends and my class at school. When I'm coming back I'll just be a visitor.
And that's why I'm getting scared and sad of my return to Germany...
When you decide to go on exchange, you really can't imagine how hard it will be to leave at end (anyway for me).

So I think that's all I have to tell you at the moment. Next weekend we have our (last) AFS weekend in Belo Horizonte. I'm looking forward to it, even it will be the last time I see some of my AFS friends.

Happy Easter, Feliz Páscoa & Frohe Ostern!


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